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5 Useful websites for reference photos

Hi there! Today I would like to share 5 useful websites that I find very handy for references when I'm creatively stuck.

It can feel so devastating when you reach a creative block but after long years of owning a small business I learned that eventually it will be over. After a super productive couple of weeks I'm usually drained and I'm out of ideas. I actually still hate being stuck!

When I feel uninspired and creatively underwhelmed I usually do figure drawing practices and it kind of restarts my brain giving me new ideas for characters and stories for my paintings.

I recommend to step out of your box and do complicated poses , sketch things that you usually wouldn't. The outcomes can be surprisingly positive!

Scroll down for recommendations!



I find Kibbitzer's pages the most useful for figure practices! I promise you that if you will draw these different poses from time to time your drawing skill will significantly level up!

Same here, fun poses to experiment here!

I recommend following Schmoe on Instagram. Her illustration are so-so loose. I even bought her book and it is a very helpful handbook!

A helpful photo collection of people doing stuff such as reading, playing instruments etc..

5. Andrew Loomis

You don't have to purchase the expensive books of Andrew Loomis if you search his name on Pinterest on Google you will find plenty of useful images including his techniques for heand and figure drawings.

His method helped me a lot, he makes it very easy understanding the anatomy of human figure.


I hope you found these tips useful!

What are your strategies to get out of the artist's block?


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