Daily Illustration - Chanel Runway Métiersd’art 2020/21

Bonjour Loves! Today's illustration was inspired by Chanel, to be more specific their Métiers d’art

2020/21 runway show. If you follow my work you might know that I love pairing black and gold. It's such a luxurious colour combo. I did this painting just for fun this weekend. I try to paint as much as possible however it can be very hard while I manage my shop, social media everything related to my business. In the last couple of months I feel like I haven't done a painting that I would hang on my wall, I only did small doodles after I finished work in the evening.

So I am very happy how this illustration came out! I would put this one on my wall! And would you guys? What do you think about it?

Well you can purchase the print made from this painting. As usually, limited to 50 copies!

You can also purchase the original art if you are a lover of fashion and want to decor your wall with an original art piece of mine. : )

You can order the print


and the original painting


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