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Introduction: 10 Facts About Me

Hi there! One of my biggest goals for this year was to finish my official website, and whoala! Here it is! Adventages of quarantine.I already came up with a concept like a year ago but I was so stressed about seriously working on the site, I though it was too much for me to create an own website. But adventages of quarantine. I forced myself to read a plenty of information of building websites and finally jump into doing this.


So I would like to start with a little introduction post and share 10 facts about me.

My name is Dorina and I am from Hungary. I create fashion Illustrations. I always been a fashion addict, I adore clothes! My favourite supply for creating my artwork is definitely watercolour. Besides watercolours I love using other media for my paintings such as acrylics, markers, gouache, pastels and glitter etc. I'm inspired by everything surrounding me but mostly by nature and fashion.

Oh, and I'm sure you feel a vintage twist on my drawings! I'm a bit shy so my best way to express myself is art. 


Anyways here is the promised 10 random facts about me!

  1. I studied graphic art but I consider myself as a self-taught artist.

  2. I have a lovely boyfriend and we just moved together. He is the best thing in my life!

  3. I studied make-up as well and I worked for MAC Cosmetics before starting my small business.

  4. I'm addicted to coffee! I must start my day with a big mug of coffee, it's my fuel!

  5. I love cartoons! My other must do in the morning: I watch cartoons while I drink my mug of coffee.

  6. My favourite type of music is rock/alternative and metal. Yes, metal, might be surprising. I'm a huge Marilyn Manson fan. And I love going to concerts and festivals in my free time.

  7. I'm a sweet-tooth.

  8. I love children's books. My favourite is the The Edge Chronicles by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddel.

  9. I love skating on my wicked retro quad skates in my free time.

  10. I love animals! If I had to choose an other occupation I would love to be a vet!

11. Bonus: I'm a 100% introvert. My personality type is INFJ.


For this post I was wearing a Johanna Ortiz dress from H&M.

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