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Little Joys - A Heartwarming Review

Yesterday I received such a heartwarming review that I felt that I have to share it with the world. These small joys, your kindness and support keep me on the tracks. No need to make this post long, the review speaks for itself and I just wanted to say how grateful I am for your support guys.

"I was looking at this painting for about a month and couldn't decide, because it wasn't exactly affordable for my budget. Then one day I asked myself: what if I open the listing tomorrow again, and it's gone? I realized I wouldn't forgive myself, so went ahead and purchased it. The author has found a niche. Both the content and the style of the painting are very unique, I haven't seen anything remotely similar. My local framing shop found a nice way to compose it, and now this beautiful piece is hanging on my wall."


This was one of my favorite painting so it was petty hard to say goodbye. However you can still have fine art prints on your wall !

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