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Majestic Women - New Paintings for Sale

Celebrating women I created a series of majestic female portraits. I am planning to create more portraits in the future but currently I'm working on many other things. The summer passed so fast and I feel like I'm so out of time before Christmas!

At the moment I'm trying to do as much drawing and painting as I can do to refresh my print collection and also I already have to finish the designs for my 2022 fashion planner!

I wanted to include dark skin-toned women in the series of course so after creating "Rosalie" I wanted to create her dark-skintoned version who become "Remi the Queen."

"She was young but her deep dark eyes were hiding the wisdom of thousend years. Her beautiful face was framed by her raven black hair. Even though wearing her royal jewellery, she seemed so humble and sueve at the same time."


Remi, 6.6x9”, 17x23 cm, acrylic on cardboard sheet

This original painting is for sale in my Etsy store. Limited edition prints are available too!

Click HERE to shop the portrait of Remi

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