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My love for Greek Myths

From fashion to painting, my passion has evolved into a love for lights, atmosphere, and landscapes. Through my art, I can paint any imaginary world I desire, blending reality and fantasy to create captivating artworks.

At the heart of my artistic endeavors lies a deep reverence for Greek literature and mythology. Each painting is inspired by a carefully chosen myth, ensuring the preservation of these ancient narratives.

Accompanying each artwork is a carefully selected myth, allowing you to embark on a mythical journey with every painting.

Originals and Fine Art Prints:

Visit my webshop to explore the first pieces of my collection. Both originals and fine art prints are available, allowing you to bring the magic of Greek mythology into your own space.

If you share a passion for Greek mythology, stay tuned for upcoming creations!


So here are some that are available for sale.

First is "Oidipous with the Sphinx." The story of Oidipous is probably one of the most famous of all greek dramas from Sophocles. I already have plans about a collection inspired by the Thebaine king.

The next one is inspired by Andromeda. I will have an individual blog post about her story!

And the next ones are smaller , inspired by the Dionysian Mysteries. I will also write an indvidual post about it because this one is really interesting.

As always, thank you so much for supporting my art and reading my blog keeping up with my art journey!

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